Our Services

We Believe

  • Play is exceptionally important for children because it helps them learn about themselves and the world around them
  • Through play, children gain confidence and develop essential skills
  • Play helps children learn where and how they fit in
  • NO child should feel left out.

We Offer

  • I Can Play 2 is a parent-lead play centre with qualified, trained, knowledgeable staff and volunteers to help with:

  1. Safety transfers on and off the equipment 
  2. Behavioural interventions 
  3. Facilitating different play groups
  4. Anytime you may need an extra hand

  • Through consultation with physical therapists, occupational therapists, behavioural therapists, teachers and psychologists we provide appropriate sensory equipment and toys that will benefit all children in their learning and development

  • A safe and inclusive play place for SCHOOL FIELD TRIPS

  • Play equipment with different levels of safety harnesses and support depending on the amount needed for each child

  • Birthday rooms with different packages to cater to your needs and wants

*Hugs (if requested)