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Play Park Opening 2019

About Us

Our Mission

  • To have an indoor children’s Play Park with both typical play equipment along with equipment that is accessible for wheelchair, walkers and supported equipment for those children that may need extra physical support. 
  • To create a drop in parent lead play center accessible to the general public focusing on children with various needs
  • A place where children can enjoy themself in a safe, inclusive and adapted environment supervised and facilitated by qualified staff with both a background in special needs, along with a passion to be a part of our vision
  • I Can Play 2 will be adapted for various needs and welcomes all children with all abilities and their families
  • We believe that children's disabilities do not exceed their abilities and a safe accessible place for any child to play and explore their environment through their senses should not just be available.....it should be their right!

"It's a human right to be part of communities and to be engaged."
– Briano Di Rezze, CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research scientist

Our Vision

  • To have a indoor play center where not only children with special needs can come play, learn and grow in an adapted safe environment but their siblings and friends can join them in a “typical” playful situation
  • We see our Centre franchising not only in our province but globally to give children everywhere the ability to play without barriers or limits

Come in as Strangers and leave as Friends

Our goal is to make sure that when you leave our centre you feel better than when you came in and strive for excellence in our customer service.

We cater to developing children and we understand what is needed to excel when dealing our with families. 

Our staff is hand selected by the owners of the centre, trained  and have personal experience with children with all abilities.

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Our Passion

Let's change the world.. One step at a time

Our passion is allowing children to have fun.  We know the importance of providing a safe and inclusive place for all children, no matter their physical or mental ability.  We offer an inclusive,  accessible and safe place for them to play. We feel very strongly about inclusive play and believe that children with all abilities should have the opportunity to have fun, play, learn, explore and also celebrate their birthday with their parents, siblings, caregivers and friends in a super safe, inclusive and accessible place.

We believe that it should not have to be a “luxury” for some children to be able to play! It is their RIGHT!

One of a Kind

We will be the only drop in facility in Canada open to the public that offers adapted and accessible play equipment.

We pride ourselves in catering to the amazing children in our community by providing a safe, inclusive play centre for ALL abilities.  We also cater to the wonderful parents and caregivers who make these children so amazing. 


Help Bring A Smile to a Special Child's Face...YOU, can make a Difference!!

Through the Children’s Disability Support Network Ltd  , I Can Play 2 will become Canada’s first accessible and inclusive play park. Let’s allow all

childrent to play together without barriors. Your Support is letting children play together one step or wheel at a time. 

Thank you 

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